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Top Model Latina is a modeling contest committed to the discovery and development of talented young Latina women with supermodel potential while promoting a healthy and responsible model lifestyle.

This year, the Top Model Latina Show returns to New York City for its third annual fashion show gala, and every aspect of the show is eye-catching, ethereal, and explosive. The show will feature three different segments, Top Model Latina’s new bathing suit line, and sixty different runway looks, honoring Jennifer Lopez as a Top Latina Fashion Icon. Top Model Latina 2017 will have twenty models representing Latin American countries such as Argentina, Peru, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Uruguay and Cuba who will compete for the Top Model Latina 2017 title and mark their territory in the fashion industry.

The show will feature a judging panel of celebrities, supermodels, and artists belting out their biggest hits as the Top Models strut the runway.

Past winners include Puerto Rican model Veronica Montano, Colombian model Angelica Duque, and Cuban model Gabrielle Tamayo, have gone on to work with prestigious names such as Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue, Vogue, Garnier, Dior, Adidas, Roberto Cavalli, Carolina Herrera, and much more.