Estefania Salinas

Estefania Salinas

Estefania Salinas is 17 years old. She was born and raised in New York City. Estefania is American mixed with Latin genes. Her mother is from Spain and her father is from Bolivia. Estefania just finished high school and will start College in the Fall of this year. She will attend Mercy College to pursue a career in Communications and Journalism. Estefania maintains her culture alive by traveling to her parent’s countries and exploring other Latin lands. She loves to discover different types of foods, customs, and traditions of every Latin country.

One of Estefania’s favorite dance is Salsa! She used to dance in a Salsa studio every Friday night while socializing and getting to know everyone. Estefania has been involved in her community since she was 12 years old. She is an example to other teens and helps out with different events in her Parish. Estefania is trilingual, she speaks fluent Spanish, basic French, and English. She started learning about the Chinese culture a few years ago, and by the end of her Senior year of High School, she was able to speak the language.


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