6 Makeup Tips For A Melt-Free Hot Girl Summer

It’s getting warmer, y’all! And as each day creeps higher and higher in temperature, we get a teeny bit closer to summer. Summer makeup is a chance to experiment with more glow, brighter liners, and blushy cheeks that make a statement. But you’ve also got to deal with sweat. It can seem hard to find the perfect balance between the ultimate face beat and the 105-degree weather outside but don’t sweat it. Instead, turn to the experts, aka the celebrity makeup artists who know a thing or two about making a good look last. “I’m definitely used to doing longwear sweat-proof makeup that still looks like skin,” says makeup artist Mollie Gloss, who’s kept Clairo and Ravyn Lenae performance-ready on tour. Below, we caught up with six makeup artists behind your favorite on-stage looks that are dewy, not oily. Here are the best tips from the people behind your favorite stars.

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“Layering is the key to ensure your makeup is sweat-proof and long-lasting. Keep the layers thin and use different textures—powder on powder will look thick and pageant-y, but powder on top of cream will look glowy. When the creamy products dry down they sit close to your skin, and powder seals the deal while soaking up excess sweat and oil.

My current go-to liquid foundation is Infallible Fresh Wear Foundation, which is long-lasting and lightweight, and I set it with powdered bronzer. But you can—and should!—use this method for every part of your routine: if you apply a cream blush, set it with powder blush; set liquid eyeliner, with shadow. Every part of the face gets a double application. If you build it, it will stick.”—Sir John

“When your makeup needs to last through a hot day, priming and setting is essential. I love the Urban Decay All Nighter Primer, because it goes on smooth, feels lightweight on skin, and is never sticky. Then, after you’ve applied a sheer layer of foundation or even tinted moisturizer, lock it with a loose setting powder. I like to use the Kevyn Aucoin translucent powder on a Beautyblender or a puff, really pressing the product in for a velvety finish.

Then, I double-set with the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, just to be safe. If you need to absorb sweat throughout the day, I love using their All Nighter Waterproof Setting Powder for touch- ups because it doesn’t add more coverage. It absorbs sweat and excess oil without adding more coverage. It’s a must-have for those warm summer nights.”—Alexx Mayo


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